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The First Steps in Launching Your Business

So you’re planning to launch your business. CONGRATS!! If you’re here, you most likely already know the goals you have for your business, the product or service you want to create and an idea of how to get it out there. Or – there’s also a possibility you have no idea where to start and […]

How To Find The Perfect Business Name

There are a million ways to come up with a name for your business. Some of the most creative businesses these days have completely random, often funny and always memorable names. Some of my current favorite clever name choices include: A Pinch of Yum – a food blog. Baby Rabies – adorbs. Archer & Hound […]

Creative Ways to Monetize Your Ideas

Business isn’t business unless you’re making money. Doesn’t matter if you have a blog, a product, a service or one of the other many monetization methods out there – your way of making money with your business is your monetization method. Chances are you’ve clicked into this page because you don’t know how to monetize […]