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How to Duplicate (or Overtake) Your Competitors FB Page Success

There are so many tools out there that allow you to watch what your competitors are doing across the internet and social. Duplicating their success is often as easy as watching them, seeing what worked for them and what didn’t and then putting your own spin on it. There are a few ground rules for […]

What Is My Facebook Group Worth?

Groups are a popular tool for having conversations, finding like-minded people, building businesses and creating niche frenzies around your ideas. And lets not forget they are  money-making power house. The idea of selling those powerhouses has been popping up more and more. The truth is that most people want to know what their group is […]

Social Media Calendar of Fun Days and Holidays

Have you ever got up in the morning, checked Twitter and realized that you missed out on an important day? If you didn’t realize it was Pi Day or Hug Your Dog Day or Everyone Wear Red day, it’s hard to be prepared, isn’t it? You either scramble to come up with something good or […]

Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

When I started writing this list, I have to admit, I was a little skeptical that posting in groups even worked. I mean, what is the point of posting to groups when those people aren’t in your niche? It didn’t take long for me to completely understand. First and foremost, I am a marketing geek. […]