How to Create Your Author Profile on Amazon

If you’re publishing books on KDP, why not take it a step further and create your Author profile? There are many benefits to taking this step – I’m going to outline them in this article.

Have you ever bought a book on Amazon and clicked on the highlighted author link? Have you ever bought a book and noticed that the author name was not highlighted?

The difference is that the highlighted author link means the author has created a profile. The link that is not highlighted means that the author has not created a profile.

Now imagine that you really love reading material from a certain author, but there is no highlighted link to quickly see all of their books. It would bum you, right? The only way to find all of their books would be to search for them, which seems easy enough, right? But – let’s admit to ourselves that there are 100 other people writing books about the same topic and during their visit, Amazon is suggesting other books to people who are looking for you. Creating your profile makes it easy for them to find you, see what you have to offer and make a purchase.

You can see on my elf book that my name is highlighted in blue. When you click on it, you can go straight to my profile and see all of my published books.

What You Can Include on Your Amazon Author Profile

Your author profile allows you to add several items including:

  • Author Photo
  • Biography
  • Book Trailers / Promo Videos
  • Links to Your Books
  • RSS Feed to Your Blog
  • Follow Button

You can see my author profile below. It does not pull content from this blog right now (but might in the future). It currently pulls from my lifestyle blog, Mama Human.

How to Create Your Author Profile

To create your author profile:

  • Go to Author Central and click on Join Now.
  • If you have an existing account, login using your username and password.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • You’ll be prompted to enter the name you wrote your books under.
  • You’ll be able to search for your books and select them.
  • Check your email to verify your account.

To edit all of these items, you need to login and click on PROFILE to begin editing.

Writing Your Amazon Author Biography

This is your time to shine. Your biography can be as detailed as you’d like it to be. Consider it a simple sales page. You can hook the readers and even invite them to opt in to your email list by including a link (can’t be hyperlinked, but you can keep it simple and easy to go to).

This space is yours to create how you’d like, but adding information like education, awards, fun facts and more is always a bonus. If you’re writing informational books, it’s also a great place to add information that will tell your reader what to expect in your books.

Adding Photos / Videos To Your Amazon Author Profile

A professional head shot on your author page is just the first step. You can also add videos or photos to your author updates. These videos and photos can be anything you’d like that you feel would appear to your audience.

Amazon Author Profiles Allow an RSS Feed From to Your Blog

Can we say, HELLO TRAFFIC. My current author profile goes to a blog that I write on, but don’t really promote at the moment. Still, the website gets traffic from my author profile and I honestly feel like my posts from that site rank quickly in the search engines because they pop up with a link back from Amazon.

Create the Profile. Even If you Don’t Feel Like It.

There are so many amazing things you can do to enhance your author profile on Amazon, but the first step is to get it created. Don’t worry about the perfect photo, bio, videos, etc. My current author profile is a picture I love of me and one of my kiddos. It’s not professional. I took it with my iphone and edited out the Laundrymat in the background (when we were traveling the country). I made due to get the profile up. Just do it.