How to Duplicate (or Overtake) Your Competitors FB Page Success

There are so many tools out there that allow you to watch what your competitors are doing across the internet and social. Duplicating their success is often as easy as watching them, seeing what worked for them and what didn’t and then putting your own spin on it.

There are a few ground rules for growing social, though. Here they are:

Each Niche is Going to Be Different

Each niche is different, so if you have a competitor that is growing quickly, chances are they’ve figured out the needs of the niche. If you’re envious of a keto page, but you’re a vegan, the same tactics are not going to work. Find pages that are talking about the same thing you talk about – and do it well – and start building.

What Works?

How do they talk to their followers? How often do they post? What kind of content do they post (video, lives, news, memes, photos)? Do they have a tone that sets them apart?

Then ask yourself out of the things that worked for them, which had the most engagement, shares and comments. That’s the golden egg.

Knowing what is working is KEY in figuring out how to replicate their success.

Take It Up A Notch

If your competitor is killing it doing lives once a week, do three. If they are getting a lot of traction with memes, make one every day. If they are getting engagement, take whatever it is that is getting them that engagement and make it better.

Get Better

What works for you is going to be the ultimate measure of your success. If you find that certain types of posts get more traction, make more of them. Likewise, don’t overlook posts that are stagnant. They are stagnant for a reason.

Keep Tabs

Now that you know what you can do to create the content, you can use tools to help you keep tabs.

This tool is FREE and provided by the gems over at Facebook.

It takes just a few minutes to set up and the stats are instant.

First, go to your page and click on the Insights tab. Scroll down to the blue “Add Pages” button.


You’ll be able to type in the names of the pages you want to watch. If your page is older than mine (this page is just a week old).

Once you’ve added the pages you want to follow, you will see their stats.

You can also see their most popular posts when you click on the blue title of their page.


Have fun with this. Don’t take it personal or to serious. This is about growing your biz and getting SEEN. If you’re ready to commit to growing your page, this is the first step.