How to Quickly Edit all of Your Shopify and Etsy Listings

Putting your whole store on sale? Need to manage your Shopify and Etsy shop from one panel?

You need this tool!

I stumbled on Vela when we were researching Etsy management systems. I was actually looking for something that would allow us to post items on both Etsy and Shopify at the same time.

This brief description caught my attention, but it doesn’t really tell you much, does it?

So, I decided to create an account – maybe that’s why they don’t tell you much on their landing page?

Once you create your account, you’re prompted to connect your Shopify and Etsy shops. You can see one of my shops is syncing.

Just a side note – my Etsy shop has been on vacation this week since our suppliers are all down. Vela cannot import when your shop is on vacation mode.

So once I reactivate my Etsy account, I can import my listings to Vela.