The New Domain Sandbox Everyone Hates (Except Me)

First. The new domain sandbox is literally bs.

Secondly. The next time I see someone trying to sell a website for, like, a grand more than it’s worth because it’s “out of the sandbox.” I am going to send them a box from the send a poo company. You know, the company that literally sends poo in the mail to people you hate.

Third. This is absolutely no reason to not buy a new domain. And, let’s be real about what happens with used domains. You take them in, you love them, you cuddle them, you buy them dinner and rub their feet and then… BAM! that nasty comment that the previous owner left on some random blog in 2011 comes back to bite you square in the rear parts.

In reality. The sandbox might have cat poop in it, but there’s always that chance that grandma lost her diamond in there. So, there’s that.

Is the Google New Domain Sandbox Real?

Probably. But who the heck really cares?

By the time you get through the list I have outlined below, you’ll be out of the sandbox, yo. You have TIME to build and create and connect with others online without the pressure of worrying if you’ve made enough, done enough and are prepared enough.

We have things to do here people. Let’s talk about it…

Six Things That are More Important than The Google Sandbox

  1. You need to build content anyway. Do you seriously want people coming to a site that has nothing on it? No.
  2. There are 37,863,963 ways to get traffic. Fo reals.
  3. Content. Backlinks. Content. Backlinks. Social. Social. Content. Got it?
  4. Do your keyword research.
  5. Know your market. What are they searching for? I mean, aside from what looks good when you are thinking about what to search for. What are they ACTUALLY typing (or speaking) into the little search box?
  6. Even if there really is a sandbox, shouldn’t you be working on your SEO, products, posts, etc. Yes, yes you should and if you dont know how it could benefit you then go to this page and find out. Besides, most of us get most of our traffic from Pinterest anyway.

You’re Going to Be Kind, Smart and Important

We aren’t running at this Google sandbox thing like a bull in a china shop here people. We’re going to take it nice and slow. You’re going to give yourself a year or two to kill the shit out of your business. You aren’t going to give up. No. Giving up is for quitters. Who would have thought it. Pfft.

So, more lists…

  1. Be kind to yourself and do your research first. Google the domain you want to buy.
  2. Be smart and go to and check to see if all of the social profiles are available.
  3. Go to and check to see if anyone is squatting on the trademark.
  4. Go to Pinterest, facebook and everything else you can think of and type in to see if there has ever been anything mentioned about it.
  5. With all of that knowledge in tow, now consider which domains you’ll buy. The  .com is a must-have, but what else would you want? Think of it this way… if you have a business and you’re thriving, would you want someone to come in behind you and grab the .net, .co etc? They could and if they know what they are doing, they could very easily outrank you.
  6. Be fricken important. You’re going to rock whatever domain you go with, cat pooped sand box or na.

When you’re done deciding if you should buy that new domain or go with a gently used version, just know that we’ll have your back and be ready for your questions over on the fb group. That’s what friends are for.

The Quick-Sandbox of Death

The moral of the story here, people, is that you can survive in the Goog’s quicksand of death and survive and even Thrive. Branding, content and influence are SO much more important. Rock that shiz.