The Best Affiliate Programs for Mom Bloggers

If you’ve been looking high and low for amazing affiliate programs, this is the list you’ve been looking for. Seriously.

First things first, though.

Why Should You Include Affiliate Links On Your Website?

If you aren’t selling a product (and even if you are), affiliate links are a way to earn income from the products or services you share. Did you love that stroller? Talk about it and earn some cash. Did you move to a new website host and you want to tell your readers about it? Give them a tutorial or step-by-step and link over to the new host with your affiliate link to earn some extra cash.

All in all, affiliate programs allow us to earn by using our influence and word-of-mouth to share things.

Everything from knitting to ebooks has an affiliate program out there. I read about a blogger who wrote reviews on knitting patterns she found on Etsy and was making over $8k a month.

If you don’t know where to find an affiliate program that fits your niche, a Google search usually turns up some information.

So, What Are the Top Affiliate Programs I Should Join?

You don’t have to join every one of the programs I am about to list, some of them won’t fit your niche, and that’s perfectly okay. This list ranges from products to services and just about everything in between. Don’t forget, you can sign up for an affiliate program for your favorite products too, even if they aren’t associated with any of those listed below.

  • Amazon
  • Awin (Etsy Affiliate)
  • Jet
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Creative Market
  • Max Bounty
  • Themeforest
  • Udemy
  • ShareASale
  • Bluehost and Siteground
  • Commission Junction
  • Ebay
  • Clickbank
  • JVZoo
  • Rakutan

…. to name a few.

So What Are All of These Affiliate Programs?

Before you sign up, we encourage you to take a look at your blog. Which of these programs will benefit your readers? Amazon, Awin (Etsy), Target and Walmart would benefit a mom blogger, whereas Creative Market, hosting affiliate, ShareASale, Udemy and Themeforest would benefit a blogger who talks about business (like me).

How Does It Work?

As an example, Themeforest is a website where you can buy themes for your website, whether it’s shopify or wordpress and just about everything in between. They also have graphics, code, plugins and more.

Once you’ve signed up for their program, you get your affiliate link. So, the paragraph above has the link I show in the first screenshot above. But, let’s say I want to promote a new wordpress theme that I really think you will love.

I go to themeforest and I notice they are having a sale on a theme I really like – the Braxton theme.

I click on the Braxton theme so I only see that product on my page and copy the link to the theme.

I paste the link to the theme in the box that says “Envato Market Page” and it generates an affiliate link as seen in the “referral link” box.

The best part about Envato is that if you write about business, like I am doing here, you can make lists of your favorite themes for various things, favorite plugins, etc and make lists out of it. How fun! (Okay, I am going to do this in the future).

Every program has a different process. If you find one that you can’t figure out, let me know and we will expand on it here.

How Do You Apply?

Once you’ve figured out which affiliate programs would work best for you, you can begin applying. I should note that some of these programs DO NOT take NEW bloggers. They want to see that you have traffic coming to your site. With Amazon and Commission Junction, they’ll disable your account if you don’t make a sale within a certain timeframe. Basically, you have to go into these programs ready to promote and get a sale.


Post your affiliate questions below and we’ll be sure to answer.