What Is My Facebook Group Worth?

Groups are a popular tool for having conversations, finding like-minded people, building businesses and creating niche frenzies around your ideas.

And lets not forget they are  money-making power house.

The idea of selling those powerhouses has been popping up more and more. The truth is that most people want to know what their group is worth now that it’s grown to a certain number. With that said, what are fb groups really worth?

If you want to make money with the group yourself: Endless.

Maybe you’ve seen groups operated by boutiques, such as TDazzled, that makes millions selling to the members in their group.

Maybe you’ve seen niche groups where the sole owner promotes products or services or pushes you to their website.

There are business member groups.

There are buy groups.

There are service groups.

There are info groups.

There are a number of groups open only to subscribing members – I have seen them as high as $249 per month.  Rachel Pederson notoriously limits her group to 1,000 members at a cool $49 each. Yes, she makes an estimated $49k a month just from people subscribing to be in her group.

No matter the group, there is millions to be made. If you know what you’re doing.

If you want to buy/sell a group: Nothing.

Yes, you read that right.

I recently read a post in a business group that was written by an entrepreneur who had bought a FB group for $1500. She then spent another $5k trying to get control of the group, only to be kicked out all together when her lawyer sent a demand followed by a phone call. This has happned more times than I care to recall, but I can tell you that it’s against FBs TOS to sell groups, therefore, if you buy a group, don’t be surprised when FB doesn’t do anything to help you gain control.

The issue is that most people believe that FB groups can add admins and then once you’re a admin, you can just kick out the original owner or demote them to a moderator. This is not the case anymore. FB change the way admins worked by protecting the creators of groups. They can’t be removed unless they remove themselves.

To me it seems that the only way to safely take over or buy a group (albeit against TOS) is to ask for the original admin to make you ad admin and then remove themselves from the group. Consider half down and half when the group is transferred.

But, again, it’s against TOS and there is no safeguard that the original admin can’t take the cash and then kick you out or report the group once the sale is complete.

In the end, my recommendation is to take the money you’d use to buy a group and run ads to build it up. If you want to sell a group, be sure to be honest about it and not take peoples cash and then kick them out. K?