Whoops I Hit Six Figures Again

I didn’t mean to. Honestly. When I walked away from business in 2014 after selling my company and took some time to enjoy life, I have to admit, I built just to sell and have fun. I never intended on actually working hard at building a rock solid business ever again. You see, I have this problem. I am GOOD at marketing and finding niches. Like. GOOD. I have a history of building businesses so fast that I burn myself out. I did it in 2011 with my marketing agency and I did it in 2012-2014 with my apparel company (which led to me selling it so I could get some quiet in my life). I had no intentions of ever doing it again. The difference now? I have three boys that are watching me build this time around. Before they were really to young to notice or really even care about it. So now that we have that out of the way, whoops, I hit six figures again. In 2016 I was headhunted and accepted a marketing j.o.b. at an agency close to where we were living at the time. The catch was – I wasn’t going into the office. Nopeeeee. So, I worked from home from late 2016 through mid 2018. During that time, I tinkered a little. Never really build anything beyond the typical four figures a month. Eh. Right? So, I was let go from my marketing job in July 2018 amid cutbacks happening all over the company (um… their sales team … suckkkkeddd). Anyway, I had quit my business in 2014, tinkered and had our sweet baby girl in 2015, got the marketing job in 2016 and just cruised. I built small little things and sold them off here and there, but nothing spectacular. The boys knew I was crushed by losing my job. Even though I wasn’t paid what I was worth, I enjoyed being a part of a team. The boys have since noticed that you can’t really be fired from a business you own – unless you give up. I digress… In late 2017 I bought back the company I sold in 2014 and just let it cruise. Again, not a significant income like it was when I sold it. Right after I was let go from my marketing job (literally the next day), our house flooded. We had to move into our camper. By August the wildfires were BAD. There was smoke everywhere. Our baby girl was having breathing problems from the ash in the air. We were all sick from it. We went out to the ocean to get fresh air and I began to get to work. The next weekend we went to a race for the boys and while we were there I, on a whim, built a business. When I woke up the next morning to take them to their race, it had already done four figures. Within a week, five figures. We had 101 subscribers by the first month with very little (I mean … littttle), fb ads. I didn’t have any actual pictures of what would be in our subscription box, what the actual box looked like – nothing. I literally had a generated photo from the box creator tool on Packlane and a fb page. That business alone did a little over 85k from August 16th to December 31st. So here it is, the end of January and we’re working on taxes. It hit me that my little business ventures in 2018 made well into six figures. I seriously hadn’t noticed or even given myself credit for actually making it work. So now we’re in 2019 and I am back in the mood to build. Partially because I have children that are wanting to jump in and partially because that’s what I love to do. What can we build next? Will 2019 be our first million dollar year? Time will tell, but in the meantime … whoops I hit six figures again.