Why Most Businesses Fail

Last week I noticed several posts in one of the fb groups I am that revolved around people giving up. They were selling their equipment, they were asking for ideas on how to make more money with their businesses. After about two days of these posts (have you noticed one person gets in the dumps and drags the rest with them?!?) I decided to jump in and show the group that it’s possible to make a decent income with the equipment they were so willing to give up.

For a while I was getting the “Congrats” and “Great Work!” posts. There were even a few others sharing their successes. And then here they came….

“You’re only doing this because you’re selling something…”

“You have a website where you’re selling courses..”

And then the links to this blog started.

I have to be honest, last week when this was going on, I was rather embarrassed that they had even found this website because it was anything but close to being done and probably would have never been finished. You see, this website has been up for over 10 years and it’s always been the last on the to-do list. It’s always been dead links to things I want to do and there’s never really been anything to buy or courses to enroll in, etc.

About a month ago I worked on it a little in between working on my other client / customer work and the links to nowhere multiplied. I had started a podcast only to discover that even though I owned the domain and the social media profiles, another person was operating her blogger blog under the name and had been doing podcast interviews under the name.

I decided to hold off on the podcast launch and the site continued to be dead links and empty pages.

I digress.

So not one, but two people started to attack saying I was only posting to sell people courses or something. I replied with what felt like sense – “If I am trying to promote my courses that don’t exist or consultation that doesn’t exist, why don’t I have a single visible link or website URL on my profile? You’re the one that googled me to find a URL to a website that isn’t even (and probably never would have been) finished.”

No timeline banner promoting a group or website. Just my kids, hugging a big tree in CA.
Another great place to promote a website, offer or group, but again, it’s nothing but kids with no link in sight.

A few more congrats and thank you for the tips posts came before another person linked to my site and then another. By the end of the night, this little unfinished blog had over 250 views. The next day, the same.

It’s actually funny because they kept sending traffic to a site I wasn’t trying to promote in any way and it boosted my ranking up to the top 6 million in the country. I might have LOL’d a little.

I posted one last time before I closed the comments and let them know exactly how I had generated over 2k in sales that day and how they can do it too and then reminded them that I had zero links to anything and no images with URLs on my profile. The next day I deleted the thread altogether.

You see, while there are people who need encouragement, there are those who are bitter, nasty or downright disbelieving that anyone can have any level of success that is outside of their vision. They are the first to attack when people have success. It has to be “they are selling something” it can’t be “they are better than me and I should learn from them.”

It makes me wonder where in their life they decided that if they can’t have success, no one else can either – at least without being hackled.

At the end of the day, most businesses fail because of the disabling beliefs people have about business. They WANT to be in business. They see everyone else doing it with ease. BUT, anyone and everyone that is successful is instantly lying or photoshopping or trying to sell something.

Those people will not ever have a business that thrives beyond their belief of success. They will always and forever self-sabotage themselves when they get outside of their success comfort zone.

Those people we send love and light, give them a pat on the back, wish them luck and leave them to their limiting beliefs. They’ll always stay in the parking lot, we’re taking the path less traveled.

In conclusion, thanks to the three people who decided to attack. While I have let this site just sit for so long, my profile go without any promotion, my content unwritten, my courses not started, my webinars not recorded, my podcast just sitting – you were the haterade I needed. I’ll update everyone with screenshots of my new and improved profile when it’s ready to go – the one that I would have had in place if I was actually trying to sell anyone anything.